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ClueCapers offers challenging, fun escape room games with lots of unique puzzling conundrums!

Organise yourself in to teams of two to five to take on missions requiring keen observation skills, lateral thinking and problem solving. The twist is that you have just sixty minutes to achieve your goal and escape from the room, that is unless we can keep that portal working just a little longer.

We promise you a fun experience to get your cogs turning and your heart racing. Who will help you save the day? Your family, friends or colleagues? We look forward to assigning you your first ClueCapers mission or welcoming you back to play the hero once again.

Gift vouchers are also available for an extraordinary birthday, retirement or “just-because-you’re-you” surprise. Or, if you’re coming to celebrate a birthday, do let us know!


ClueCapers is a memorable way to spend quality time with friends and family. Discover your inner detectives, code-breakers and innovators and work together to accomplish your goal before the portal closes.


At last a new TEAM BUILDING challenge to your combined genius – and entertainment to boot.  Does your team unite the keen eyes, problem solving and communication skills needed to save the day?


Leave the table top; leave the screens. Come and join us in the real (or is that surreal) worlds of ClueCapers for a live escape game.  How will your problem-solving genius cope with our hands-on riddles, brain-teasers and challenges?

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