What is ClueCapers?

ClueCapers is an independent business offering unique escape games packed with original puzzles, only in Winchester.

Are we really locked in?

Although the room is locked, for your comfort and safety there is a release button which is not part of the game but which will allow players to leave the room at any time should they wish to. You can also communicate with your ClueCapers facilitator at any time during the game.

We use CCTV to follow your progress through the game and walkie talkies to communicate with you and pass additional information (=hints) to you should it be appropriate (=be necessary to avoid extreme frustration). Those more experienced in escape rooms can obviously request that they are offered little or no help. Some hints may incur a time penalty.

Who can play your escape games?

ClueCapers games are designed to be challenging for adults. However, as there is no physical strength or fitness required we think most children of 9 and above can contribute to a team escape effort at ClueCapers. There are no fear factors or loud noises but we hope to provide the odd surprise.

We ask that all children under the age of 18 are accompanied on site by at least one adult, with an adult present in the room and actively supervising any under 14’s. Children under the age of 9 may struggle to engage with the majority of the puzzles but will be welcomed however, while the Winchintzy world is a very benign place for younger carefully supervised children, Winchokey will feel more intimidating to some youngsters.

Is it suitable for me: I'm claustrophobic?

Our games are played in rooms of reasonable size and standard ceiling height but we accept that personal experiences will vary. There is always the option to use the release button to leave the room if you need to. If you have any concerns, please speak to us on arrival.

Is it suitable for me: I am pregnant? I have a small baby?

The games require no physical exertion and there are no fear or fright factors. There are also seats in the rooms should you need to sit down. Our intention is to provide a safe if intriguing environment for some fun exploration and puzzling.

Similarly, relatively obliging and contained babies may be brought in to our rooms. We are not child-proofed for more mobile little ones however. We would recommend our Winchintzy game as the most suitable and quiet environment for little ones if the adults can avoid squealing, laughing etc.

How long does the experience last? What time should we arrive?

On arrival you will be briefed on your mission and the rules of the game. Our Portals are generally stable for about 60 minutes (which we recommend as a target time) but our technicians can usually extend that time when needed and give you 75 minutes to escape. Once you have escaped, or been rescued, from the room we hope you will stay for a quick de-brief and team photo.

Please arrive at the time for which you have booked and expect to be with us for about 1 1/2 hours in total.

Should you arrive a few minutes early, you are welcome to wait in our comfortable reception area provided previous teams are not still there accidentally divulging secret information about other worlds.

Are your games fully accessible? Can you cater for my special requirements?

Unfortunately, our premises are not wheelchair accessible; we are on the first and second floors accessed only by stairs.

During the game we play background music and also use sound effects, but very little of the game itself requires hearing the audio. However, very few of our puzzles can be solved without using one’s vision.

Should you have any special requirements, please let us know when you book your game and we will do our best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

We are celebrating a special occasion: can you help?

An escape game is a great way to celebrate all sorts of occasions – from birthdays and hen or stag experience days to retirements. We are always happy to conspire in adding a little magic. Perhaps a treat or extra surprise within the game? Please contact us to discuss your event.

If you are looking for an event for more than seventeen people, please call or email to discuss options.

Please contact us if you would like to be invoiced rather than pay via our booking system.

We have a particularly expert team of escapees – will your game be challenging enough for us?

We’re ready for you! Through thorough testing we’ve put in to our standard game, which we would rate as ‘pretty challenging’, all the most popular and universally satisfying puzzles and challenges.

However, to make 60 minutes a realistic target we took a couple of the more knotty problems out and kept them just for you!

Please get in touch prior to your visit to request the ‘dastardly version’. We will of course share your escape times as an elite league.

Dastardly only available for Winchintzy at this time.

Can we purchase gift vouchers and give someone an amazing experience?

Yes you can! You can purchase a voucher for any size of team and any day of the week, a 2 or 3 person off peak special voucher or vouchers of various values on our Book Now page (just scroll to the bottom to find the magic button). If you would prefer a glamorous ‘real life’ presentation voucher (with shiny bits) in addition to the convenient pdf version (which has options to personalise with your own image and message) please make sure you fill in your address; please allow 5 working days for delivery.

Is the limit really 5 per team?

Yes and No! We recommend a maximum of 5 for our games for which 4 is the optimum. This is so that you have enough physical space and everyone has a rewarding experience with plenty of hands-on puzzle solving.

However, if you are a 6 and really don’t want to be split up then you are welcome to play Mission to Winchintzy together on the understanding that things will be a bit ‘cosy’ and you will all on average be less busy through the game. There is no additional charge for bringing a sixth person.

Absolutely no sevens – please don’t ask!

We are looking for a team building activity for more than 15 people. Can you help?


Yes – if you have 16 people who all want to take on the Mission to Winchintzy game we have ways and means to keep those ‘waiting’ amused, and extend the competition between the teams, while you have private use of the ClueCapers venue. Please email or call us to discuss options and pricing.

If you are interested in the escape game as a complement to training, it may be possible for one or two nominated individuals to observe trainees’ progress and teamwork through the game with a commentary from experienced ClueCapers’ hosts. Please request in advance.