What measures have you put in place to keep us safe?

We’ve made a number of changes including:

– a reduced, staggered schedule to allow us to brief all teams separately (though we can tweak times to match for groups of more than one team);

– treatment of all customer areas and game props with Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser plus regular cleaning;

– requesting that all visitors and staff wear masks at least in the ‘circulation areas’ including the briefing room (unless exempt);

– installing HEPA air purifiers in game rooms and the briefing room, and using windows for ventilation.

Updated 24/01/2022


What are your rules for escapees and other visitors?
We need your cooperation to help keep ClueCapers safe for everyone. In particular we ask that you: 

  • arrive punctually (not early or late) so that our schedule works to keep teams apart;
  • use the handwashing/hand gel provided on arrival and at regular intervals;
  • wear a  mask or face covering while in the communal areas at ClueCapers, you will have the option to remove your masks while you are escaping
  • stay away if you have any covid symptoms, a recent positive test or have been advised to isolate – we will not charge you to postpone your game.

Updated 24/01/2022

Have you had to change the games because of all this?

No puzzles or challenges have been removed. The games are very much the same curious adventures they have always been!

We have made small changes to some items in the games so that they are easier to clean effectively. 

We’ve also retired the walkie talkies that were sometimes used to communicate with you in the games and give clues; they are replaced by a ‘hands free’ system in the room.

Can we bring a group of more than 6 to play simultaneous games?

We are able to arrange for larger groups of two or three teams indoors (up to 18 people) to visit together for (approximately) simultaneous games. 

Updated 24/01/2022

I still have concerns. Your rules don't work for me. Who can I talk to?

We’re always happy to have a frank discussion about any concerns whether they’re about coronavirus measures, accessability or the character of our games. You can contact us all sorts of ways – by webchat, email –, phone – 01962 870793 or social media messaging. 

We will be very willing to hear any suggestions for improving the measures we have in place and we will be reviewing them regularly in the light of experience and any changes to local or national guidance. We sincerely hope we will soon be back to being a regular inter-dimensional Piccadilly Circus but in the meantime we’re going to stick to making every effort to keep us all safe.

Please bear in mind that although some of these measures were introduced at our discretion, some may be a legal requirement.

Updated 13/3/21


Can you guarantee my safety?

No – sorry!

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to Public Health England, senior citizens and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. We will be doing our best but we will give no false assurances.

Please make your own decision on whether it is the right time for you and your team to come and play. Please contact us to discuss the details of any or all of our measures so that you can make an informed decision.

What happens if we get COVID-19? What happens if someone else gets COVID-19?

Obviously, if any of your team has symptoms, a positive test result or has been asked to self-isolate prior to coming to ClueCapers you should stay away. We will happily re-arrange your visit.

We have NHS Covid-19 App QR codes on display which we recommend all visitors use on arrival.

If anyone comes down with COVID-19 after a visit to us we would expect them to cooperate with NHS Track & Trace and, if possible, let us know directly. We will share all relevant contact information with Track & Trace, including using customer data held as part of the booking.

Updated 24/01/2022