ClueCapers offers challenging, fun escape room games – indoors and out – packed with unique puzzling conundrums!

Percy's Paradox showing King Alf with time capsule


Vexed in Venta packs hands-on escape game puzzles into our unique interlocking box system which can now be played after dark!

In between the lamplight and the memorials of the Outer Close of Winchester Cathedral (now adopted as an ‘escape room’) there are some curiosities to be discovered. Can you seek them out and solve time-traveller Percy’s puzzles of previous Winchesters?

Looking to book a TEAM BUILDING day?

Contact us to arrange simultaneous games for two or more teams.
(Maximum capacity 36: 18 players indoors and 18 outdoors.)




Organise yourselves into teams of 2 to 6 and take on missions requiring keen observation skills, lateral thinking and problem solving. The twist is that you have just 75 minutes to achieve your goal and escape from the room. We promise you a fun experience to get your cogs turning and your heart racing.
Who will help you save the day? Your family, friends or colleagues?

Image of keys and question mark in the frame


are available in various values whatever your special occasion. Plan ahead and we’ll send you a beautiful voucher or, in case of emergency, personalise a voucher on-line to print at home or email.


If you‘re coming to celebrate a birthday, do let us know so we can add a little extra surprise!
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In addition to our usual vouchers and gift boxes, you can purchase various boxed escape games or ‘training materials’ from us for collection, free delivery in the local area or, if you’re further afield, you can pay for postage.

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UPDATE for PLAN B: Masks will need to be worn by all visitors to ClueCapers for the duration of their visit – please can the mask exempt book for a last game in the day or contact us to discuss options. Outdoor games will still not require masks. We are not required to check Covid passes as we are a small venue.

Since re-opening we have kept in force measures including the wearing of face masks throughout ClueCapers, a staggered schedule so we brief all teams separately, plenty of ventilation and we’re treating all areas and props with Zoono Z71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser! This is to make sure everyone feels safe coming to play and that our hosts stay healthy and able to keep delivering amazing experiences for all our visitors.

If you have any issues with wearing a face mask in our games, please contact us and we will book you in for the last game in the particular room for that day. This will mean that you will have the option to remove your mask (in the game room only) and your host does not have to follow you into the room – we will reset the room the next day. This option may only be available to mask exempt players under Plan B rules – awaiting detail.

If you are planning to bring more than one team, you won’t see simultaneous slots in the schedule so please contact us to arrange this.

Meanwhile, we have two outdoor escape games for you – the BIG one, Percy’s Paradox, and the more standard duration, Vexed in Venta. Both of these are a fun safe option for one or more teams of up to six people as they take place entirely outdoors – but still with the hands-on challenging puzzling you expect of an escape game and ClueCapers!

Tophat wearing professor Buff has a mask on



ClueCapers is a memorable way to spend quality time with friends and family. Discover your inner detectives, code-breakers and innovators and work together to accomplish your goal before the portal closes.


At last a new TEAM BUILDING challenge to your combined genius – and entertainment to boot.  Will your team have the keen eyes, problem solving and communication skills needed to save the day?


Leave the table top; leave the screens. Come and join us in the real (or is that surreal) worlds of ClueCapers for a live escape game.  How will your problem-solving genius cope with our hands-on riddles, brain-teasers and challenges?





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“Highly recommend to everyone – starters and more experienced escapists alike”

“Fantastic for team bonding”