“…got them all involved. A big hit!”

“Brilliantly led by our host..”

“…proper puzzles and loads of fun!”

A stopwatch shape with small figures with rms raised suggested a group of enthusiastic people


We have various options for youngsters to come and celebrate their birthdays with friends at ClueCapers. Our indoor escape games can be taken on even for a 10th birthday with adult support.

For a larger group of children we have our outdoor games: Waking Whatsername – a fun romp around the cathedral grounds with a mix of puzzles to engage up to 8 youngsters working together – and Vexed in Venta which has slightly more challenging puzzles.

NOTE: All ClueCapers games require use of brains!


Waking Whatsername is our first game designed deliberately with a version for younger players. It zigzags across the cathedral grounds with a mix of curious puzzles to unlock the mysterious security box and recover Percy’s missing memory: what is her name?!

The PARTY PACKAGE adds to an outdoor game of Waking Whatsername for up to 8 children:

  • A dedicated gamesmaster party host
  • Optional team disguises
  • An extra activity interlude to suit the group
  • Party bags
    …for approximately 75 minutes of  animated puzzling fun!

The party package costs an extra £40 on top of the game cost, only available with Waking Whatsername games. Numbers of children and responsible adult(s) vary according to the ages of the children – details here. Party bags typically contain a matchbox puzzle, chocolate sardines (no red herrings!), a small bag of sweets and a ClueCapers key fob.

NOW AVAILABLE: two simultaneous games of Waking Whatsername, each with a dedicated host, and challenges tackled in a different order, to entertain up to 16 children in total.


We have some eight years’ experience of young teams taking on our more traditional indoor escape games – the full immersive experience. Escape rooms are a brilliant activity for kids who enjoy using their brains and rising to a challenge!

We specify the appropriate adult:child ratio by age group for each game, from 1 adult with 3 children for the youngest (turning 10) to a maximum of six 14/15 year olds with their adult available on site but not necessarily in the game. Get in touch for advice or find the details in this party flier.

If you’d like to add party bags to an indoor game or Vexed in Venta for an extra £25, just look for the ‘add party bags’ option when you book.