ClueCapers missions are priced for peak times (£95 per team) and off-peak (£85). Please select a date below to check availability and price. Teams of only two or three people are offered the special price of £70 for off-peak games. Prices include v.a.t.

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If you are booking for more than one team, begin with the first session, enter your details and then use the ‘Add another game’ option before you get to the Checkout.


A curious adventure in the quirky world of Winchintzy. Ideal for four players, we will be ready to give more support to teams of two. Can be stretched to six players if you’re very friendly and happy to share the action. Under 14’s must be actively supervised by a responsible adult.


Be brave! You’re off to prison to rescue our Buff – expect some serious puzzling! Ideal for a group of four, we feel five is the maximum to involve everyone in the game but we will admit 6’s. Under 14’s must be actively supervised by a responsible adult.


Discover the Winsonian Institute on this very curious adventure. Optimum team size will be a team of four but this game will work for up to six players or for smaller teams up for a challenge! Under 14’s will need to be actively supervised.