“I would whole heartedly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone. I want to forget it all so I can do it again!”



“Not too hard, not too easy, just a really good time!”



“A fantastic alternative afternoon of fun”



We have three escape rooms each with its own quirky and unique immersive experience. Using all three rooms, up to 18 people can be visiting parallel dimensions via ClueCapers at any one time.

If you’ve found some escape rooms a bit too easy and want to be pushed that bit harder you may be bold enough to request our ‘dastardly’ setting for Mission to Winchintzy as opposed to the standard ‘pretty challenging’ mode.


Eccentric amateur scientist, Buff Hoon-Smith has secretly developed portal technology to parallel universes. We have been investigating these curious worlds, in the hope of finding new solutions to our own world’s challenges.

Unfortunately, Buff was recently allowed to join one of these expeditions, to a parallel Winchester we have code-named Winchintzy. In spite of his very capable escorts, it appears he mislaid an important blue print for his portal.

Your mission is to visit Winchintzy and retrieve the designs before they can be mis-used.

Please note: once opened, any portal is only stable for about sixty minutes so you will need to use your time well.


Our brilliant Professor Buff needs your help again, but this time it’s not entirely his fault. A power cut at our end caused one of the portals to fail with him trapped on the other side. We’ve managed to get it working again but, unfortunately, we’ve not been able to find our dear professor.

What we know so far is that through the portal is a new world. When Buff went through, he ended up trapped inside what we think is a prison, which is making things rather more complicated. Are you brave enough to enter this world and find a way to bring him back?


Disaster is afoot at ClueCapers! Professor Buff-Hoon Smith has taken a well earned holiday. But, without his expertise, our portals are becoming increasingly unstable!

A curious object owned by the professor seems to link to a new universe, but what is its significance?
Is there any way to prevent total portal dislocation?
Has the professor really travelled as far away as we think?

ClueCapers is urgently seeking technical assistants to stabilise our inter-dimensional portals. If you have expertise in thinking out of this world, observing the almost obvious or being bold with your  logical leaps then we have a puzzling job for you! Contact us to travel to the most peculiar of museum galleries and maybe discover the nature of a very curious inheritance.

It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s definitely interactive – might it be art?