“I would whole heartedly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone. I want to forget it all so I can do it again!”



“Not too hard, not too easy, just a really good time!”



“A fantastic alternative afternoon of fun”



We have three escape rooms each with its own quirky and unique immersive experience. Using all three rooms, up to 18 people can be visiting parallel dimensions via ClueCapers at any one time.

In addition, we have the wonderful city of Winchester in which we have three outdoor escape games.

If you’ve found some escape rooms a bit too easy and want to be pushed that bit harder you may be bold enough to request our ‘dastardly’ setting for Mission to Winchintzy as opposed to the standard ‘pretty challenging’ mode.


Eccentric amateur scientist, Buff Hoon-Smith has secretly developed portal technology to parallel universes. We have been investigating these curious worlds, in the hope of finding new solutions to our own world’s challenges.

Unfortunately, Buff was recently allowed to join one of these expeditions, to a parallel Winchester we have code-named Winchintzy. In spite of his very capable escorts, it appears he mislaid an important blue print for his portal.

Your mission is to visit Winchintzy and retrieve the designs before they can be mis-used.

Please note: once opened, any portal is only stable for about seventy-five minutes so you will need to use your time well.

This game is a good place to start if you’ve never visited ClueCapers before and is an indoor game.


Disaster is afoot at ClueCapers! Professor Buff Hoon-Smith has taken a well earned holiday. But, without his expertise, our portals are becoming increasingly unstable!

A curious object owned by the professor seems to link to a new universe, but what is its significance?
Is there any way to prevent total portal dislocation?
Has the professor really travelled as far away as we think?

ClueCapers is urgently seeking technical assistants to stabilise our inter-dimensional portals. If you have expertise in thinking out of this world, observing the almost obvious or being bold with your  logical leaps then we have a puzzling job for you! Contact us to travel to the most peculiar of museum galleries and maybe discover the nature of a very curious inheritance.

It’s weird, it’s wonderful and it’s definitely interactive – might it be art?

This game is considered by some our most challenging and is an indoor game. 


Our dear Professor Buff Hoon-Smith has hit a bit of a creative block and wants to get back to his favourite place of inspiration: a treehouse where he spent his formative years dreaming up inventions and testing out his original portal technology.

Unfortunately, repeated visits over time have pushed his Mark 1 portal tech to the limit and the treehouse is at risk of falling into the purgatory between universes. ClueCapers desperately needs Special Branch recruits to pull this world back from the brink and stop it falling into oblivion! 

Can you take on the challenge in our most immersive experience yet? 
Will you be-leaf your eyes? 
Can you twig all the answers?
The Treehouse Re-Tree-val is afoot!

A quirky game of contraption interactions, indoors. 


This outdoor game is set in the history-packed grounds of Winchester Cathedral and will take most teams up to 75 minutes to play.

Percy may have been feeling vexed when he set the challenges, but as you solve each puzzle we’re sure you’ll lighten his mood as you unlock another layer of the 3D-printed capsule device (which is entirely unique to ClueCapers). You’ll need to refer to multiple points of interest around the Outer Close to make sense of the objects you reveal. An active team will enjoy scooting about the space together but other teams may choose to designate ‘runners’ and establish a ‘base camp’.

Still requiring the inventive problem solving you expect of an escape game, this game allows for a more relaxed approach to puzzling so why not bring a rug and tie it in with a picnic?



Our time travelling pal Percy has been losing memories on the wrong side of portals and sometimes can’t even remember how to operate his device! No fear – he has built in a virtual assistant who can remember all the complicated bits for him. Only trouble is she’s nodded off and he now can’t remember her name! Can you help unlock the carefully secured information kept at ClueCapers HQ?

This outdoor game involves a caper around the lovely Outer Close of the cathedral unlocking the layers of a puzzle box and takes about 60-75 minutes to play. It’s been designed for ages 9 to 99 (area is suitable for mobility devices) with curious puzzles and the option for extra silliness – and party bags – for younger groups. 

Please note that if you are booking a later time you may be playing by lamplight & torchlight (we’ll provide at least one torch).

Check out our FAQs for more info on how this works!


Percy’s Paradox boldly takes the indoor escape room experience to the outdoors. Teams will have to rely on keen puzzle-solving and observational skills to succeed and ultimately complete a mission whose story is uniquely tied up with that of ClueCapers’ portal-making professor, Buff Hoon-Smith.

Where other outdoor activities might rely on an app or print-out to guide you, Percy’s Paradox instead gives you curious objects encased in our unique 3D-printed ‘time capsule!’. Inside are literally layers of puzzles and mechanics for you to explore and solve but indeed, it is the combination of this and the very world around you that will provide the answers to uncover the next layer of the capsule and delve deeper into the story of your mission and the history of Winchester!

This is a BIG game – our longest ever adventure with up to three hours to complete it – wear comfy shoes and bring snacks!

Check out our FAQs for more info on how this works!


THIS GAME HAS NOW BEEN RETIRED but the portal has been re-aligned from the HMR Clench prison to a new world and another entirely original adventure….