“It gave everyone on the team a chance to offer something different”

“Probably the best received team day I’ve ever done”

“Everyone seemed to come away with a buzz about the whole experience”

“Observing the team working together gave me a better understanding of their strengths and developmental needs”

Corporate Services & Team Building

ClueCapers adventures are memorable inclusive experiences ideal for away days, training, recruitment and corporate entertainment.

With our three game rooms we can host 18 people at a time, for fun team-bonding games in smaller teams. All our experiences are packed with diverse conundrums designed to challenge and celebrate:

  • teamwork & collaboration
  • communication
  • initiative
  • diverse thinking styles
  • focus
  • leadership and
  • team dynamics

Please get in touch – 01962 870793 or corporate@cluecapers.co.uk – to discuss how we can support your objectives; and for recommendations of other local venues that can help with meeting rooms, dining or overnight stays.

ClueCapers and Emphasis HR & Training

We also work in collaboration with Emphasis HR & Training to extend your team challenge by offering:

  • an independent and qualified observer to give feedback and development areas relating to your team escape experience
  • a one-day workshop to help your team understand their strengths and development needs

The one-day workshop includes:

  • team exercise at ClueCapers
  • lunch and refreshments
  • psychometric and interactive exercises
  • creating a trust culture
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • action plan to move the team forward

Emphasis were introduced to us by a mutual customer who wanted to combine our ClueCapers experience with their interactive, theory-based team building workshop and provide a complete team building service.

We’ve seen them in escaping action: an exemplary team for communication, collaboration and for being open to some boldly creative suggestions … some of which were actually helpful in their escape!

If you would like to experience this unique and challenging team building experience, contact Emma at Emphasis Ltd for full details and options: emma@emphasis.uk.com or 01794 874232.