Thank you for joining in with this trail to celebrate the Hat Fair’s 50th birthday!
You can submit your answers here (by midnight Monday 8th July) for a chance to win a draw for a ClueCapers game – or scroll down for hints if you’re getting stuck!

ERRATUM: In the Blue Zone puzzle, underneath the clock image it should say ‘4th’ not ‘3rd’. Sorry!


Hat Fair 50th birthday logo with man climbing two ladders (at once)


A hat fair performer (or hatter) has an extremely large balloon over his head with audience watching
Getting started

To solve this trail you will need: a trail sheet (available from Hat Fair info points on the Broadway and in the Cathedral Close) AND you’ll need to visit all the festival sites around Winchester city centre to find the necessary clues. The map on the trail sheet with its five coloured zones will help you find the right clues for each puzzle. Trail sheets are available for a suggested donation with all proceeds supporting Play to the Crowd (registered charity number 1077139).


We’ve made a mistake, underneath the image of a clock in the blue zone puzzle, the text should read ‘4th’ not ‘3rd’. Sorry!

Blue Puzzle, on the High Street - Hint 1
Between the Buttercross and Market Street (Mint Velvet to Mountain Warehouse) look up to see the amazing mix of buildings from the long history of shopping in Winchester.
Blue Puzzle, on the High Street - Hint 2
Can you spot the architectural details on the trail sheet – and which enterprises are now occupying the ground floor?
Blue Puzzle, on the High Street - Hint 3
You’ll need one letter for each image beginning with the 5th letters of ‘Boots’. Your answer will be a 5-letter word.
Green Puzzle, in The Square - Hint 1

It’s all about the bollards! (Mostly in front of the museum, Three Joes, The Hambledon and the Winchester Orangery.)

Green Puzzle, in the Square - Hint 2
Spot the images on the bollards and check the top of them for information about the artist or event that inspired them and who sponsored or was celebrated with their painting.
Green Puzzle, in The Square - Hint 3
Under the grid of images there are 3 sequences which will spell out one letter each. Follow the sequence around the grid of 9 images to draw out each letter and find a 3-letter word.
Orange Puzzle, in the Cathedral Close - Hint 1
Somewhere behind the Amazing Camera Obscura (have you experienced it yet?) are instructions to make your very own paper hat out of your trail sheet.
Orange Puzzle, in the Cathedral Close - Hint 2
If you follow the instructions carefully (making sure to fold the green puzzle into the inside in step c) you’ll make a lovely if slightly small hat. Then look closely along the top of the brim to find a scattering of orange letters that spell out a question.
Orange Puzzle, in the Cathedral Close - Hint 3
To answer the question you’ll need to look around the entertainments in the Outer Close – or ask a Hat Fair volunteer for help!
Purple Puzzle, Abbey Gardens - Hint 1 and only

Somewhere in Abbey Gardens there’s a bit of a tangle… can you follow the threads from hat to letter 6 times to make a word?

Pink Puzzle, in the Brooks shopping centre - Hint 1

You’re looking for an amazing creation decorated by the Ukrainian Cultural Association and on display on the upper level of the Brooks centre next to HMV.

Pink Puzzle, in the Brooks shopping centre - Hint 2

There’s nothing quite like this angelic character! And our picture also isn’t quite a match. Spot the differences – 6 of them!

Pink Puzzle, in the Brooks shopping centre - Hint 3

The grid reference for a difference you’ve spotted on the slightly wrong picture will match to the grid reference for a useful letter on the other side of the page. E.g. that butterfly on the wing appears to be missing from square g1… and in the letter grid on the other side of the trail sheet g1 gives us the letter ‘L’!

Pink Puzzle, in the Brooks shopping centre - Hint 4

When you have your 6 letters you may need to solve a little anagram.